NYC’s Floral Trash
Spring 2017, Editorial / Print

Floral Trash is an archival journal of flowers and trash that I’ve collected throughout my most frequented neighborhoods in New York City.
I wanted to document this unique juxtaposition to show that that even in the crowded, dirty city of Manhattan there is still beauty and nature.
The journal archives each object of flowers and trash to show when and where I found it. Included with the journal is a set of postcards to send.

Editorial Series
Fall 2016, Print / Editorial

This Editorial Series consists of 3 magazines: Kultured, Coasted, and Attached.

Attached is based on the concept of love and attachment. 

Kultured is about the corruption of media in the Philippines.

Coasted is about the political nature of youth culture in California and New York.

Spring 2018, Print & Digital

As my Senior Thesis at Parsons School of Design, I created Kultura. Kultura is a collection of projects that explores Filipino-American history. 

Kultura Box —

Kultura Digital Email Newsletters —


Fil-Am Quote Posters —

“The Truth About Maganda” Beauty Booklet —

“You Know You’re Filipino When...” Tattoos —

Back to Babayin Basics Workbook & Video —

I am Fil-Am Blank Notebook —

Kultura Social Media Posts —

Kultura Buttons — 

Word Map 
Fall 2015, Infographic Poster

An infographic poster/word map of the NBC television show “The Office”, depicting how much money Jim Halpert spent on pranking Dwight Shrute.

Process —

Information sourced from a Reddit user:

Progression of numberical data translated into a typographic map and narrative: 

Knoll This 
Spring 2016, Interactive

Knoll This is an interactive game inspired by the Instagram trend of “Knolling”, placing objects perfectly in place in order to take a photograph of them. The user drags and drops the geometric shapes onto the board in the perfect position to reveal the Instagram picture it’s based from. I created the interactive game using HTML/CSS/Jquery.